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Client: Natural Beauty Biotechnology Ltd

Project: Brand Identity

Natural Beauty is a corporation firmly established in the health and beauty business, providing products and services ranging from cosmetics, beauty treatment, health products, spas to a College of Beauty. Natural Beauty believes that true beauty should come from deep within the soul, and aims its product and service lines to enhance the inner beauty of a woman, rather than to distort or overshadow it.

To faithfully reflect corporate beliefs, the new Natural Beauty identity carries the theme of “The Qi of Beauty”. Qi – the “air”, lifeforce or energy within a person in traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy – is represented in a graphic aura, symbolizing the way a woman’s inner beauty permeates through from within her soul and spirit. This visual identity comes in a variety of forms and colours, representing the different beauty of different women, and can be adopted according to usage and occasion, creating an ever-changing, ever-progression image for Natural Beauty without diluting the core essence of the identity. The brand name is simplified to a logo comprised of the initials “nb” and placed at the core of the Chi aura, defining the place of the brand in beauty.


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